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anti-forehead force
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Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
10:46 pm
New year's resolutions....

Once again, here in LJ land to record my new years resolution. *tumbleweeds*

Get a sound business plan for Assassinus

Get 10 items case and in shops

Get a list of things to do for the house and start doing them.

Eat breakfast

Use more lists

...and...that should do it......

Current Mood: Good
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
7:05 pm
No car...
Have been trying to survive without a car. Selling a car does release a burden from one. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders when I did it. No petrol costs, fuel costs, Insurance, rego.

However, the reality seems to be, my life would be better with one. Trying to get places that are 15 minutes by car on a sunday morning, took me 2 hours and I didn't get there in time anyway. But SCA medieval activity and carting a wee baby around also means I need a car.

So, taken tomorrow off to buy a car tomorrow. Tre excitement!
Friday, April 16th, 2010
11:12 pm
SJkasabi's water is broken. Eloise is on the way. I need to buy cigars or something.
Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
9:53 pm
Nifty weekend
OMG a Livejournal post!

Went to Suth Moot...normally we would head up to the big Medieval Festival in Sydney, but the possibility of a baby arriving soonish meant we went to a smaller gathering down here. It was pretty nifty, and I can see why some people would prefer to stay in Melbourne for a smaller event, rather than the the hassle of travel to Sydney for a bigger one....but personally I would prefer the bigger event. Big thanks to Mr and Mrs Bassmen-Brown and Doushka's Mom for putting up the tents.

Next year we'll go to Sydney, with baby. Medieval camping and a 1 year old baby is going to be interesting.

Took the field as the "Baker's Guild unit", the armed wing of Abbotsford. Not really in the Hamas "armed wing" sense.... more in the pseudo living history wooden swords and duct tape sense. Won our melee, which was nifty.

Got back and then got asked to be the best man for a very good friend of mine....which was very cool.

Had to get up on the roof to finish painting the front of the house grey. Thought that I may discover a great view up there...but just like down below but a little higher. Didn't fall off and die. Which is always good, of course.

Watched "500 days of Summer".It was about love. Ordered two vegetarian pizza's with meat on them. Thats weird, I know.

Overall a good weekend.

I use the word nifty a lot. I know there's only two uses of it in this post. There were more, but I took them out.
Friday, February 19th, 2010
11:52 pm
My fave movie scenes.
End Scene, Fight club: Tiny Dancer, almost Famous: End Scene, Good the Bad and the Ugly: Sigur ross scene from The Life Aquatic: Tears in the Rain, Blade Runner and the Birth Scene from Children of Men (which is a simply amazing scene but I can't get the code for the embed).

You met me at a very strange time in my life.....

... You are home......

There are two types of people...

I wonder if it remembers me?

Tears in the rain....
Friday, February 12th, 2010
11:56 pm
When Social Networking Apps collide...
Oh, just worked out how to post to LJ and make it appear in Facebook. Somehow it just doesn't seem right...LJ is meant for long, whiney posts about the how the neighbours are stealing flowers from the front garden, where FB is meant for short, vital updates like "I just ate some bread".
What happens when the two meet? Its unnatural!
11:52 pm
11:49 pm
Vale Alexander McQueen. :-(
Saturday, October 10th, 2009
6:07 pm
How language develops courtesy of Bunning Hire Department.
A short observation on how the English language develops.

I was up at Bunnings with sjkasabi .
We were being served by an older guy behind the counter, sort of guy who looked suspiciously like he belonged in the SCA.
Older guy looks at the date and says  "Today's 6 June,..oh, thats D day ?" to the slightly younger guy next to him.
Younger guy looked at him confused and says  "D Day for what?"
Older guy went to explain it to him, then just shook his head and went back to his paperwork.
We chuckled.
Monday, October 5th, 2009
6:10 pm
New Stargate!!!!
New Stargate. Finally!!!!

You have your big Science Fiction franchises. The two "Stars".... Wars and  Trek. Dr Wo has to be in there as well...with one show and at least four spinoffs, enough vision to keep you watching for 15 straight days, and probably at least 100,000 fanatical UK fans. Plus my gf would kill me if I didn't mention it.

Now, in my geek mind, Stargate has entered the fray with da big guys. 
With one movie, three Straight to DVD realeases, and now three TV shows, Stargate is now a contender.

A new series of Stargate just started in the US, Stargate Universe(SGU). Its gritty, very dark, and not really obvious where its going, it does lean on some classic premises seen before.
Its a bit like Lost, mixed with Voyager and Battlestar Galactica....a bunch of humans stranded on a ship that powers through the universe. 

It's got lots of young actors and its a bit sexy (not much). The main thing its got going for it is Robert Carlyle. The yanks put Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) in Star Trek. The young good looking Jonathan Frakes was supposed to be the main cool guy in Star Trek TNG. But no!! every bald guys hero Patrick Stewart, in the end, was what made it.

The SGU people are trying the same, and from audience reaction its working.  Put a good, seasoned actor in an out there SF context, and it does make it more real. Putting a good, seasoned British actor, and it makes it ever more real.

All the rest of the actors are pretty young, but the length of time that Stargate can go for means they have plenty of time to grow into their roles and will still be fit enough to somersault through Stargates even in 15 years time.

Anyways, something to watch with the missus and talk to geek friends about.

The question is - will Robert Carlyle headbutt someone?

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
10:14 pm
Ok, sort of brave (or stupid) but ..for me one of  the interesting things about Polanksi is  how the whole story indicates the decline of the media.

The media loves black and white stories. I know from studying media (many years ago..but things ain't changed) they don't like their presenting their readers with grey areas. Their readers may get confused... they will enjoy the program/article a lot more if they can come away from it feeling that there is a clear bad guy, and a clear good guy.

Some facts about the quite complex Polanski Trial.

Polanski quite clearly drugged and raped a 13 year old girl.
Polanksi's girlfriend at the time (Angelica Huston) said that the 13 year olds age was hard to tell and she could have been 25.
Despite this, Polanksi said in court he knew how old she was.
Polanski grew up during the holocaust, and his mother died in Auschwitz.
Years before the rape, Polanksi's pregnant wife was murdered.

At the trial, the court process was flawed because the judge was in ex parte communication with the prosecution
This meant that the judge should have been reprimanded and replaced, the plea bargain accepted or a mistrial
The victim doesn't want Polanski charged.
The crime was committed 30 years ago, when sentencing was different

Just strikes me how complex a case it is, and how simplistically it is being presented in the Australian media.
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
6:07 pm

I got lost in the Ikea shop at Richmond once. I went into one of the display bedrooms, then into what I thought was a large walk in cupboard. I ended up in a downstairs warehousing basement area, where there was computers, what I assumed was their network server room and a large disk with a ramp. I walked through it and I ended up in their headquarters in Stockholm. Tricky Swedes.

Relatedly, I state here, the number one rule in business: Alien tech will always give you the edge over a competitive rival selling a similiar product in the same market sector, unless that same competitor has the same frequency of access to a similiar level of alien technology.

Monday, September 21st, 2009
10:59 pm
REALLY big toys.
Ok, well a slightly wierd thing to post. But surfing around Youtube I came across what I assumed were remote control WW2 model tanks.
You know, Tigers, Panzers, Panthers, evil German Nazi tank models.

Except, on closer inspection, they are not your average Remote Control tanks. They are 1/4 scale.

Now for all those that are old enough to remember military model kits, 1/72 scale models are pretty tiny. 1/32 scale is still pretty tiny.

1/4 scale, however,  is pretty F-cking big. Particularly, when its a quarter of something..... that is really big in the first place

These model tanks are big enough that they look real, and their engine noise sounds real..because its a real engine. They are big enough that people can sit on them and ride them. They are big enough that they cost $14,000. They weigh 200 kilos.

I think whats interesting here is, people's fascination with the third reich and the Nazi's. I notice the company that makes these tanks is English. However they sell two of these big model tanks.... both German. So many people seem fascinated with Nazi stuff. It really is a bit odd.
Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
10:27 am
Ok, odd post, but I was thinking about the battle of Beersheba, the great charge of the lighthorse, and possibly the last cavalry charge in modern warfare. (Yanni gave me a DVD of the "Lighthorseman" which was pretty cool, and it is depicted in it).

Anyways, the odd thing about the battle is that British and Australian troops had to attack this town, which involved a charge at it across an open plain with no cover.
The British cavalry were otherwise unavailable, so the Australian light horse said they would.

So the odd thing I find is...The Australian light horse are doing this great cavalry charge against German and Turkish soldiers, who are in in trenches, with machine guns. But the lighthorse don't have swords.

So the Australian lighthorse charges with knives in their hands. They are actually bayonets, but for all intensive purposes, they are long knives.

After some thought the other day,  thats a pretty gutsy thing to do, charge four miles across an open plain at some guys dug in trenches,  firing machine guns, artillery and rifles at you, holding just a knife as a weapon.

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
2:42 pm
Facebook vs Livejournal
Ok, this is a conondrum.

Livejournal is losing its market share to FB. Lots of my friends have left LJ and are now only posting on FB. This includes peeps that have been on LJ for years. Some are posting on both. Some (like me) post their longer entries on LJ, and their shorter ones on fb.

However, FB really doesn't allow for long diary entries. So it really forces people to write short snappy comments.
Some of us like to write long entries...dammit!
You can write long entries on Fb, but people tend not too.

So the market is forcing people to leave LJ and changing them so they have to now write short snappy entries.

I must admit, FB is the most successful social networking tool I have seen. So many people now have FB accounts, who would never of got a myspace page, and have never even heard of LJ. Its a shame it just isn't geared to be for writing like LJ is.

Ultimately, FB has more punters on it, so thats going to sway many people, depending upon their communication needs.

I also discovered Questionable content

PS A clarification. My Gothy peeps are deserting LJ more than the my medieval peeps. Some of the SF fanfic peeps have deserted LJ and gone to Dreamwidth. There they can happily write about Rodney McKay making out with Shep, while R2D2 watches out for approaching Cthulhu spawn in a bizarre crossover alternate universe.

Monday, August 10th, 2009
7:59 pm
We had a convo last week about deaths related to drugs, and then coincedentally Blind sublime posted about this as well, so thought I would go research it.
I knew drinking was worse than smoking... and knew the stats on pot and e's were pretty small. However, I didn't realise how much. I was saying Pot was a lot less than smoking.
I was wrong.
NO ONE has ever died from pot smoking. 19,000 people a year die from tobacco.

Tobacco deaths per year- 19,000 (1) - 1998
Alchohol deaths per year - 3000 (2)- 1998
Ecstacy deaths per year - 25 (3) - 2004
Marijuana - ZERO. No one has ever died from Marijuana usage (4) - All time!

1 - http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/4831.0.55.001
2 - Chrikritzhs et al (1999) National Alcohol Indicators Bulletin No. 1: Alcohol-caused deaths and hospitalisations in Australia 1990-97, National Drug Research Institute and Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre
3 - http://www.apsad.org.au/papers/Wednesday/wed-mr1-1424-fowler.pdf
4 - http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/factsheets/drugAndAlcohol/marijuana.html
Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
10:36 am
Knighthoods in New Zealand
SJkasabi and I were just talking about Knighthoods, and how they were abolished in 2000. There were replaced with New Zealand orders, which apparently no one really understood or gave the same regard to.

Interestingly, New Zealand has just reinstated them, and gave out a number of them to deserving peoples who had done things in the last 8 years.

So I reckon, after directing, Brain Dead, Meet the Feebles, Lord Of The Rings, and King Kong, New Zealand deserves to have a Sir Peter Jackson.

Sunday, July 26th, 2009
6:20 pm
heh heh Jamie Barra does some nice work - even for one of those heretical Canon users.


Monday, July 13th, 2009
6:45 pm
Master of Puppets -
Following on from mrsbrown 's comments about fav Sesame St, and my recent post on the completely plausible interpretation of the real meaning behind the song on "C is for Cookie" - I went to see if there were was a remixed version of it on Youtube.

At last count there are 7 remixed clips of C is for cookie on YouTube.

1 industrial goth remix

1 Heavy metal remix

4 Death metal remix's

1 black Metal remix
Saturday, July 11th, 2009
2:16 pm
Bruno, Borat and Ali G
I loved Ali G on the telly, and Borat, but apparently the new Bruno movie is not so great.

I used to wonder how Americans couldn't work out it was a joke... and couldn't recognise Sasha Baron Cohen playing a character.
That is until I saw this exchange between people talking about a clip from the new Bruno movie on Youtube.

sunshinebabe192 (5 days ago) Show Hide
this movie kinda reminds me of borat...like a sort of person that doesn't fit in and playing in a very realistic movie

GnudgeModerator (5 days ago) Show Hide
It reminds you of Borat because the actor is the same.

hahaha lol whoops.. wow I didn't even recognize him! thnx for telling me XD

I heard an interview with Paula Abdul where she said she had seen Ali G and the Borat movie, and still didn't recognise Bruno even though
he interviewed her in character and made her do the most ridiculous things.
She only worked out it was Sasha Baron Cohen a month later when she heard someone on the radio talking about her scene in the movie.

Good disguises and acting...or just plain gullible?

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