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anti-forehead force

Mouldy Cheese

martin le mechant
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I'm a jeweller, librarian, event organiser and photographer. Love all things alternative, particularly fashion and photography. Have an interest in subcultures, how they work and subcultural fashion and what messages it communicates. Connectedly, I am one of the two founders, and presently on the organising committee for Circa Nocturna/Carnivale Nocturna.
I'm a tad gothy.

I shoot alternative fashion photography with a small studio set up in Melbourne.

Also run my alternative Jewellery business, Assassinus. For me, the two fields combine into a form that is somewhere between jewellery and photography. In terms of Assassinus, I see no clear distinction between the two, one is simply its lesser developed three dimensional form, the other is its two dimensional form that is more developed.... but not able to be worn.

Also a bit of a medievalist.